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09-18-2007, 02:29 PM
1995 CMC Camaro For Sale

This Car was built brand new this year with the very best of everything. It finished second at the nationals this year and is the current RM region points leader with a rookie driver just think what you could do.

Professionally built tig welded cage with nascar door bars on both sides.
Welded-in sub frame connectors.
Sparco evo XL driver seat, Sparco passenger seat.
G-force 5-point quick release belts.
Custom built dash with Autometer Ultralite guages.
Momo steering wheel with quick disconnect.
10 lb fire system with nozzles at gas tank, driver and engine bay.
B&M Shifter with Blaine Fabrication Delrin shift knob.
AMB Transponder.
I/O port camera mount.
Crow right side head restraint.
RJS window net.
Longacre rear view mirrors-all three.

Completely refreshed LT1 currently making 236hp and 299tq it makes 270hp and 308tq without the restrictor plate, easily making CMC2 power levels.
K&N FIPK air filter setup.
Painless Wiring Harness with Vats removed.
Custom dual exhaust with X-pipe, dump before the axles.
Turn one power steering pump.
Complete set of restrictor plates 31-39mm.
Tranny was completely gone through at begining of season with overshift stops and a new clutch.
Aluminum drive shaft.
T2R differential with 3:42 gears.

Complete Unbalanced Engineering suspension includes custom valved Bilstein shocks at all four corners.
Coil-over springs on the front.
Rear Lower control arms.
Panhard Bars.
Global West metal lower control arm bushings in front.
Sam Strano offset upper control arm bushings.
Energy Suspension torque arm mount.
32mm front sway bar and 19mm rear bar.
Energy Suspension sway bar end links.

LS1 front brakes.
New Carbotech brakes, front and rear.
Blaine Fabrication brake ducts(the best you can buy period).
Castrol SRF brake fluid.
New 12" front rotors.
ARP wheel studs.
Gorilla lug nuts.
1/2 Blaine whell spacers.
6-98 and up Z-28 wheels, 3 salad shooters and 4 pristine chrome firebird 5 spokes.
4-3/32 toyos with just the Championship warm ups and race on them and 5 other tires in really good shape probably enough to get you through half a season

This car came off the scales after the National 40 minute race weighing 3308lbs it had 45lbs of ballast and a passenger seat w/belts you could easily get this down to 3220 or less without as much fuel as I was carrying or the seat and ballast. I also had 4 cameras mounted on the car.

This is very neutral handling car with amazing cross wieghts.
918.5 889.0
767.5 742.0

1656 1660.5
These where after the warmup on saturday and right before I won the qualifing race and set the then track record at a 1:41:4xx.
It ran a 1:40.9xx in the championship race, 2 tenths off of the track record. I am not bragging on myself but just trying to show how good this car is. Some people like to talk about a car that is set up to win, well this one has won with a crap driver.

$18,750.00 takes everything inculding spares.

Call, e-mail or PM me
Cody Powell

09-18-2007, 03:30 PM

Do you know how many 944s you could....oh, I don't even need to say it. ;)

Alright, I'll bite...what's the deal, Cody? (Great job at Nationals, BTW!)

09-18-2007, 04:00 PM
when this car was out front at nationals it just pulled away from the whole field ! Super bad ! awesome car !

It does cost more to have a perfect car but ask someone who tows out to ____ then breaks down what's it's worth to have a perfect car .

Pm for : Cody you can keep number 22 in 944-spec.

09-18-2007, 04:07 PM
Pm for : Cody you can keep number 22 in 944-spec.
our current #22 holder is more of a ranking than a car number

09-18-2007, 04:33 PM
our current #22 holder is more of a ranking than a car number

Well, that would explain why you consider #22 to be your primary competitor. :D

09-18-2007, 09:07 PM
Whats the deal? Going AI or what.