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Special Ed GT
08-04-2008, 12:48 PM
Hi, everyone. Just a reminder that we will be performing tech inspections for race cars and HPDE/TT cars at the track beginning Friday afternoon.

HPDE/TT: As usual, there will be a $20 on-track tech fee for HPDE/TT drivers from the Front Range who are within 60 miles of an approved tech inspection shop. You can save time and $ by pre-teching at an approved shop!

Please read and understand the CCR and have your HPDE self-tech form completely filled out and prior to inspection.

Remove all loose items such as speaker boxes, tool boxes, spare parts, travel bags, spare tires, jacks, coolers, 12-packs of PBR, dogs, children, etc. prior to tech.

If your car has aftermarket harnesses, please understand that they must meet very specific criteria (again, check the CCR) to be allowed to run. If a harness mounting device or method is not specifically allowed by the CCR or the mfr installation instructions (best to bring the instructions with you), then it may not be approved in tech. We have found several cars with issues in this area recently, and have discussed corrections that need to be made with several drivers, so we will be checking.

Race cars that are running HPDE must go through a more lengthy technical inspection. If you think that this might be you, then please call me at the shop (click the link in my sig, below) to let me know. Race cars cannot be approved at an HPDE inspection shop, even if they are running only HPDE; race cars must be inspected by specific NASA officials.

Race Classes: If your car is new to NASA, please allow additional time for us to perform a race car technical inspection and to issue a logbook at the track. I do have limited time to perform race car tech inspections at the shop this week (Tue and Wed only) so feel free to call and schedule an appt. (click the link in my sig, below)

Drivers of cars in our racing classes (both NASA and Nostalgia) must wear a head and neck restraint device.

No race cars will be allowed on the track if they are running coolant. We had issues with this at the last event at Pueblo, and we will be checking. Water Wetter is fine.

As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding tech. Thanks, and I'll see you at Hastings!

NASA-RM Chief of Tech

08-04-2008, 09:13 PM

I got pre-teched for the event by Soren at Loree Racing/Rent-2-Race in Albuquerque. The car passed tech, but I need to have the helmet checked off. Should I just bring the car / helmet (Snell M2005) / and form to the tech trailer Sat morning? (7:30ish, before the HPDE driver's meeting?)


Special Ed GT
08-05-2008, 05:59 AM
Hi, Ryan. You can just bring your helmet and tech form to us at tech, and we'll take care of you. Since the car was already inspected, there is no need to bring your car and wait in line. Thx!