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09-17-2008, 05:45 PM
(I posted this on the CMC forum as well, but wanted to share it with the RM crowd as well...)

I had a ball on the track...though the Ohio weather gods did their darnedest to make things miserable for us. It was widely acknowledged - by all groups - that Group A had the hardest rains of any group. If the rains had stopped/slowed for awhile, you could be absolutely certain the skies would open up as soon as we (Group A) got even close to the track.

Friday morning qualifying was so bad several of us almost gave up. Between the rain and the fog on the inside of the windshield, visibility was almost nil.

Ken and I put the wiper motor/arm/blade back on the car between qual and Friday's qual race, which helped. And carried a make-shift mop to wipe off the fog, but it wasn't enough. So, Ken found and bought a fan from one of the vendors; we wired it in, screwed it to the dash, and could finally see. (I super-sized with PT, so was back on the track again that day.)

The rain stopped as soon as the last group was off the track for the day. Of course.

Saturday morning it started raining - of course. So qual was in the wet. But the rain stopped approx noon, and the Spec Miata group went out. Nothing like 56 cars hugging the race line to dry things off.

So Group A had a dry qual race on Saturday. Great driving by all.

Sunday I discovered my front rotors were cracked. HUGE thank you to Matt King for letting me have the old ones he took off his car. I would have been in the pits - literally and figuratively - without them.

Sunday's championship race was what I was hoping for: in the dry, everybody on the grid. Tip of the hat to Dave B, Bryan, and Dave D - fun close racing with you guys.

And another tip of the hat, this time to Bob Denton - I tried several times, but could not figure out how to get around him. Great driving.

I hope that more CMC'ers make it to Miller. Maybe even some of those Cali guys? :lol:

Adam and Don - you guys did a great job, thanks.

And one last thing: when (not if) you go to the Nats, don't think you can do it by yourself. This is not like a weekend race. This lasts 4 days minimum, more if you do the practice day. Stuff will break, count on it. And it will be stupid stuff. (the worst for me was a leaking gasket at the thermostat housing; that is NOT one of the spares I carry with me, so it was off to Autozone for salvation.) Get someone to help, and I don't mean another person who is driving; you need someone with energy, who can think straight. I was blessed to have my brother-in-law with me, and it is absolutely certain that if Ken had not been there, I would not have finished the races.


09-17-2008, 09:43 PM
Chris -
I'm glad you made the trip! I know you had ALOT of s*#t thrown your way in the days leading up to the race.:eek: You did some great driving! It was so nice that Dave & Revkah got all of the Colorado people in one spot!:D Tommy & I had the best father-son week ever!
I can't wait until Miller in 2009, I'll have both of my boys there.:p