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04-12-2009, 05:28 PM
All participants should have gotten an email copy.... if not, here it it.


NASA HPR Participant,

Thank you for registering for the April event at HPR. We know you are as excited as we are to be
able to use this new facility.
Since this is a new facility, please bear in mind it is just that. The primary focus on HPR was
getting asphalt down and for Colorado racers to have something to drive on. It痴 missing a few
amenities, but nothing that will keep us from having a great time. Also, due to the newness of the
facility and a few items still in the air, please bear with us if we run into any slight snags during
the weekend.
We will be trying an initial layout for the paddock check page 6 of this document for a map. This
is just a suggestion of where you park so you can be with your fellow competitors.
Tip Of The Weekend Print the attached schedule and have it with you. There may not be a
working PA system so don稚 rely on any announcements. Show up to grid and your meetings on
time according to this schedule and you will never be late!!!!!
There is an entry list posted online double check your class and car number to see if it is
correct. http://www.nasarockymountain.com/nasa_forums/showthread.php?t=2775
It is important that you check the NASA Rocky Mountain forums for all of the latest information
including schedules, maps, etc. We want to make sure you have a great weekend so please read
through all of the information on the following pages!
We値l see you this weekend And thank you once again for supporting us!!!!
Dave & Revkah Balingit
NASA RM Regional Directors
Page 2
All Drivers
Important Track Information
The speed limit within the paddock is 5 mph. Pit lane speed limit is 35mph.
Children under 14 and pets must be supervised at all times.
Do not leave any hazardous materials (used fluids, tires, batteries, etc) at the facility.
In the interest of safety, only licensed drivers may operate wheeled vehicles anywhere within the
facility. This includes bikes, scooters, ATV, skateboards, etc. Any vehicles being used in conflict with this
policy will be confiscated by NASA for the remainder of the weekend.
If you are parked on an asphalt surface, place boards under jacks, trailer legs and canopies to prevent
damage. If you spill fluids get them cleaned up quickly (water on gas spills, kitty litter on oil/etc) and report
the spill to a NASA official if you need help. Any damage done to the paddock facility by a participant will be
the responsibility of that participant.
For those just chomping at the bit to get on the track for some early practice have two options. Judy Faass will be
holding a school on Thursday. You can get more info by contacting Judy at: 719-761-1372. HPR will be holding open
lapping on Friday. You can sign up for open lapping at: www.highplainsraceway.com
Wrist Bands
Everyone entering the HPR property must stop at the front gate and sign the waiver. You値l receive a general
admission wristband (no charge for entry for NASA participants and guests) wear it at all times. Passengers must
get a wrist band from Driver Info.
All HPDE/TT drivers will need a second wrist band. You will receive this at the AM drivers meeting. This
means that if you miss the meeting, you will need to go to the Chief Instructor and grovel for your wrist
Wheel to Wheel Racers do not need a 2nd wrist band in addition to the general admission band.
No one without the appropriate wrist band will be allowed on track or into other hot areas.
Facility Entry
The track will be open for NASA participants to begin setting up after 5pm on Friday. You *may* be able to get in
earlier than that, but there are no guarantees at this time. If you are participating in the Friday lapping day, please
pay particular attention to the paddock map so that you can setup for the entire weekend. Do not park in an RV spot
unless you plan to purchase an electrical hookup.
We have arranged to contract for 24 hour security at the gate. You may leave and enter the facility at any time.
RV Hookups / Camping Fee
RV hookups (electricity) are available for the weekend. The fees are collected by the track and all reservations shall
be made directly with HPR. The fee is $35 for one day and $60 for the entire weekend.
Camping is permitted at the track at no cost provided you do not plug into an electrical box.
Sound Limits
There is no published maximum sound limit for HPR, but we do suggest that you do not exceed the industry standard
of 103dB @ 50ft.
Page 3
Fuel & Tire Service
At present there is no vendor for any gas so plan appropriately. The closest station is in Byers (17 miles).
Parker Motorsports is the official Toyo support dealer for Rocky Mountain and is planning on providing tire service.
You may pre-order your spec tires by calling: 720-851-5948.
Directions to HPR
Take I-70 to the Byers exit. Go east 17 miles on highway 36.
There are limited hotel rooms close to the track and appear fully booked at this time. There are plenty of rooms near
HPDE/TT Drivers
Please check the sheet at Driver Info. If your name is on the 鼎ome See Us list We Need to See you before
you go on track, please find out why.
There is a mandatory HPDE/TT driver痴 meeting at 8AM on both days. Make sure that you give yourself enough
time to unload (tires, tech, etc) and attend the meeting on time. DO NOT BE LATE OR YOU MAY MISS TRACK
HPDE Registration & Tech Procedures
If you have pre-registered online:
-- and have a signed tech form, you do not need to go to driver information. Go to the driver痴 meeting where you
will receive the required 田olor wristband. This is the preferred route and is the quickest. Check the
NasaRockyMountain.com website for a list of certified HPDE tech shops where you can get your tech done for free.
-- but do NOT have a signed tech form, arrive early!!! You must take your unloaded car and helmet to tech (north
paddock). After tech, go directly to the driver痴 meeting where you will receive the required 田olor wristband. Any attrack
HPDE tech done on Saturday or Sunday will be $20.
HPDE Tech Forms
Bring the signed tech form http://www.nasaproracing.com/images/rules-forms/form_hpde_tech.pdf to grid for your
first session and place it under your windshield wiper. An official will collect the form and place a group sticker on
your windshield. You will not be allowed on track without the completed, signed form and your HPDE
TT Car Classification (TT drivers only)
If you have not already filled out your car classification form you need to download one from
http://www.nasaproracing.com/rules/Time-Trial-Classification-form.pdf. Turn your completed form into driver
information or TT director before your first session. If you do not have a NASA TT license, contact the RM region
HPDE Passengers
Passengers are permitted in HPDE3 (with permission of group leader) and HPDE4/TT. Spins and off course
excursions will result in loss of passenger privileges. Passengers must be at least 18 years of age and sign the
passenger waiver at registration. They will need a special passenger arm band 釦he cost $5.
Page 4
Wheel to Wheel Racers Modern and Nostalgia
An SFI certified H&N Device is Mandatory
Please remember that the requirement for an SFI 38.1 H&N device is in effect. You will not be allowed to race
without a device. No exceptions! If you do not have one, here are three options:
a) Borrow one. With three race groups, there is opportunity to share devices and several racers are going this route.
b) Buy one quickly. Checkpoint Racing, Leary Racing and DART auto should all have devices in stock.
c) Run in HPDE4/TT.
Racer Registration & Tech Procedures
Fill out the race tech form http://www.nasaproracing.com/images/rules-forms/form_race_tech.pdf
and NASA logbook then take them to tech to get your tech sticker. Race groups will not receive a second wristband.
Go out for warm up according to the schedule!!!
Please check the sheet outside Driver Info. If your name is on the 鼎ome See Us list We Need to See you
before you go on track, please find out why.
Annual Inspections/New Logbooks
Your logbook must have a 2009 annual inspection before you receive your tech sticker. We will be able to perform
annual inspections starting Friday afternoon after 5pm - $10 renewal.
If you will require a new logbook, please contact us ASAP so we can expect you. The cost for a new logbook is $20
and includes all necessary stickers.
Race Group Driver痴 Meetings
There will be a driver痴 meeting on Saturday. Roll will be taken missing the meeting will result in loss of qualifying
times. If we need a meeting on Sunday, it will be announced.
GTS and Nostalgia Racers The meeting will take place at 8:30AM at the GTS series trailer (i.e. Ian Cole痴).
Thunder and Lightning You meetings will take place at impound after the first qualifying session.

04-12-2009, 05:35 PM
GTS and Nostalgia, please note:

GTS and Nostalgia Racers the meeting will take place at 8:30AM at the GTS series trailer (i.e. Ian Cole).

This is Saturday morning!! Do not miss this meeting ... please:)

Roll will be taken missing the meeting will result in loss of qualifying times.

04-12-2009, 05:36 PM
GTS and Nostalgia, please note:

This is Saturday morning!! Do not miss this meeting ... please:)

Ian.... you are too nice. :p

Dave says, "If you miss the meeting, you loose your qualifying times for Saturday AM."