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03-25-2010, 08:27 AM
Putting this in it's own post to make sure this is easy to find for new people....

This build list was originally posted here: http://www.barnettmotorsports.com/Forza3SM.html


Start with a stock 1994 Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Engine and Power

Air Filter > Install the "Street Air Filter"

Exhaust > Install the "Street Exhaust"
Your new PI number should be F188 after these mods.

Platform and Handling

Brakes > Install "Street Brakes"
Your new PI should be F189

Springs and Dampers > Install "Race Springs and Dampers"
This mod allows full adjustbility (needed to allow for the proper setup later)
Your new PI should be F193

Anti Roll Bars > Install "Sport front anti roll bars" and "Sport rear anti roll bars"
Your PI should remain F193

Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage > Install the "Race chassis reinforcement
and roll cage"
Your new PI should be F197

Weight Reduction > install "sport weight reduction".


Clutch > Install "sport clutch"
Your new PI should be E201

Tires and Rims

Go to "Rim Style" all the way to the right first, go to the Team Dynamics wheels
and install > "Pro Race 1 or Pro Race 2 (Pro Race 2 is 3lbs lighter)

Front Rim Size > Upgrade the Front Rim Size to the first option to the right which
will give you a 185/55/15 wheel (don't worry, the tire size will be 205-50-15 later)

Rear Rim Size > Do the same as the front

Front tire width > install the second option to the right which is "205-50-15"

Rear tire width > do the same as the front again

Tire compound > install the second tire choice to the right which is "sport tire
compound" (these are DOT legal spec tires according to the description)

After all the mods your new PI should be E269

Spring Rate

Front spring rate MUST set to 700lbs

Rear spring rate MUST be set to 325lbs