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06-28-2010, 03:18 PM
Current (and final) As Of: 8/18/2010


none HPDE1: Sat Nathan South Denver CO Honda S2000 2002
1 HPDE1: Sat Steven Pon Golden CO Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 2010
1 HPDE1: Sat naveen pabbaraju broomfield CO Chevrolet Corvette 2009
6 HPDE1: Sat Cory Madeson Superior CO BMW 318is 1993 Schaffers Oil
11 HPDE1: Sat Joseph Smullen Centennial CO porsche 944 1986
11 HPDE1: Sat Leo Branstetter Denver CO Chevy Corvette 2008
11 HPDE1: Sat Graham Gedeon Denver CO Mazda MazdaSpeed 3 2008
13 HPDE1: Sat Kyle Schulmeyer englewood CO nissan 350z 2006
13 HPDE1 Frances Mickelson Littleton CO Porsche Boxster S 2001
25 HPDE1: Sat Matt Blendermann Broomfield CO Audi TT Coupe Quattro 2001 NONE
27 HPDE1: Sat Tammy Billingsley Parker CO Chevrolet Corvette FRC 2000
53 HPDE1 Joy Snyder Broomfield CO Volkswagen Beetle 2001
60 HPDE1: Sat Anna Smallwood Larkspur CO Toyota Corolla 2004
67 HPDE1: Sat Roger Fang Denver CO Subaru Impreza WRX Sportwagon 2005
71 HPDE1: Sat Brandon Lackey Colorado Springs CO Pontiac GTA Trans Am 1989
77 HPDE1: Sat Dale Billingsley Parker CO Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2002
78 HPDE1: Sat James Darden Brighton CO chevrolet corvette 2009
94 HPDE1: Sat Chad Armstrong Littleton CO Subaru Impreza 2009
123 HPDE1: Sat John Bolton Denver CO Acura TL SH-AWD 2010
187 HPDE1: Sat Robert Danyluk Colorado Springs CO Chevy Corvette 2006 NONE
505 HPDE1: Sat Cole Shaffer Boulder CO Ford Mustang Cobra 1996 NAPA Auto Parts - boulder
509 HPDE1: Sat Chris Janjic Boulder CO Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 2005
720 HPDE1: Sat Thomas Daugherty Cheyenne WY Subaru WRX 2006
927 HPDE1: Sat Jason Gress Irvine CA Dodge Charger 2010


003 HPDE2: Sat Mike Sefcovic Littleton CO BMW M3 1999
19 HPDE2: Sat Mike Vella castle rock CO ford shelby gt 500 2007
21 HPDE2: Sat David Bone Keenesburg CO Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2008
28 HPDE2: Sat Andrew Joseph Highlands Ranch CO Mazda Mazdaspeed3 2008
46 HPDE2: Sat Paul Bash Erie CO BMW M3 2004
57 HPDE2: Sat Justin McCarthy Pueblo West CO Mazda RX-8 2005
77 HPDE2: Sat Steve Maxwell Denver CO Chevrolet Corvette 2005
99 HPDE2: Sat Billy Schweiger Boulder CO Subaru STi 2008
111 HPDE2: Sat Dustin Mozader Colorado Springs CO Toyota Corolla GTS 1990
172 HPDE2: Sat Emil Iskandar Westminster CO Porsche 911 1980
901 HPDE2: Sat Matthew Monson Longmont CO Porsche 911 Carrera 1986 Guard Transmission LLC


1 HPDE3 Fred Hudson Jr Aurora CO Eagle Talon ES 1993 Wife\ Jordan
5 HPDE3 Robert Bergren Longmont CO Toyota MR2 1993 My Wallet
5 HPDE3: Sat Jon Whiteley Denver CO Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2008
6 HPDE3: Sat Lisa Bryan Highlands Ranch CO GT3 996 2004
07 HPDE3: Sat Howard Stussman Fort Collins CO Caterham Roadsport SVT 2005 Rocky Mountain Sport Cars Inc.
9 HPDE3: Sat Lee Bohning Grand Junction CO BMW M3 1995 Alpine Autohaus
11 HPDE3: Sat Mark Klenin Centennial CO BMW M3 2002 Premier Copier
15 HPDE3: Sat James Lashley Loveland CO Nissan 240sx 1993 JBLMETALWORKS
17 HPDE3: Sat Jeff Spector Wheat Ridge CO Pontiac Trans Am 2002
21 HPDE3: Sat Joe Kita Westminster CO Ford Mustang 2003
024 HPDE3: Sat Wade Chambers Denver CO Subaru Impreza 2006
30 HPDE3: Sat Gene Dackonish Grand Junction CO BMW E-30 325 1989
50 HPDE3: Sat Christina Werley Parker CO BMW M3 2008
53 HPDE3: Sat Mark Blusiewicz Broomfield CO Mazda Miata 1999
54 HPDE3: Sat Stephen Blendermann Boulder CO BMW 540i 1997
71 HPDE3: Sat Mike Lackey Colorado Springs CO Pontiac GTA Transam 1989
86 HPDE3: Sat John Roberts Ranchos De Taos NM Nissan Sentra SE-R 2003 Taos offroad and performance
87 HPDE3: Sat John Spangler Centennial CO Nissan 350Z 2008 CONOC.NET
111 HPDE3: Sat Sue Smithson Centennial CO Chevrolet Z06 Corvette 2010
111 HPDE3: Sat John Hartman Fort Collins CO BMW Z4 2003
144 HPDE3: Sat James Flint Centennial CO BMW M3 2003 A Better Way Realty
723 HPDE3: Sat Jon Cooley Westminster CO Subaru WRX 2003
787 HPDE3: Sat John Ortiz Fruita CO Scion TC 2007


1 HPDE4: Sat Robert Mallory Longmont CO Mazda Miata MX-5 1996
8 HPDE4: Sat Larry Winkler Arvada CO porsche 911 1973
8 HPDE4: Sat douglas freyta arvada CO PORSCHE 911 1975
13 HPDE4 Patrick Mickelson Littleton CO Porsche Boxster S 2001 Stonefield Investment Advisory
34 HPDE4 David Lindsay Louisville CO BMW M3 1997
39 HPDE4 Michael Pederson Englewood CO Porsche Cayman S 2006
41 HPDE4 Kevin Rogers Elizabeth CO Mini S 2004
72 HPDE4 Bruce Leggett Westminster CO BMW M3 1990
444 HPDE4: Sat Brad Rogers Centennial CO Mazda Miata 2002
545 HPDE4: Sat Deck Reichert La Salle CO Ford Mustang 2008
7 Test/Tune David Sealander Peyton CO Chevy Camaro 1983 Steve Mills Racing; Empirical Environmental
9 Test/Tune Dale Laushman arvada CO BMW M3 (specM3) 1995 The Uptime Group\ Inc.
45 Test/Tune Geremy Kornreich Boulder CO Mazda Spec RX-7 1984 The Tire Source / Coyote Motors
52 Test/Tune Shawn Graham Steamboat Springs CO Chevy Camaro 1998
55 Test/Tune Rob Winter Longmont CO Mazda RX7 1984 Discovery Furniture\ Room Makers
56 Test/Tune Dan Goodman Erie CO BMW M3 1999 BimmerHaus/SPC/Hoosier Tire/PPIR
57 Test/Tune Brad Densmore Colorado Springs CO Chevrolet Camaro 1991 Steve Mills Racing
88 Test/Tune Scott Koerner Elizabeth CO Pontiac Firebird 1995 Garage Door Guys\RVR\Painted Dreams
98 Test/Tune Kelly Carignan Erie CO BMW M3 1998
99 Test/Tune Robert Ames Steamboat Springs CO Chevy Camaro Z28 2001 Steamboat Motorsports

Time Trial

00 TTB Andrew Stevens Cheyenne WY Cadillac CTS-V 2004 TiSpeed.com
2 TTE Christopher Venturini littleton CO Porsche 944 1985 www.racerender.com www.nasarockymountain.com www.ironhorseracing.com
03 TTS Richard Lavender Arvada CO Chevy Corvette Z06 2003 My 401K
07 TTS Joe Rothman Castle Rock CO Porsche GT3 2004 Quantum Motor Sports
9 TTU Mike Barbalacci Westminster CO Noble M12 2005 BRC / S-Line Motorsport
11 TTD cullen winter Denver CO subaru impreza 2002
11 TTC Ken Rockwell Brighton CO Ford Mustang 1995 Hanksville Hot Rods\ Toyo
22 TTC Joel Gray Colorado Springs CO Nissan 350Z 2004 g3D Computer Graphics www.g3d.net
22 TTD Cody Powell Castle Rock CO Chevy Camaro 2000 None
37 TTD Christopher Botts Colorado Springs CO Porsche 944 1984
39 TTB Jake Graham Colorado Springs CO Subaru STI LTD 2007 Faasst\ PDS
46 TTC Mark Bradley Fort Collins CO Audi S4 2001 www.Realtec.com
53 TTE Matt Brost Littleton CO Mini Cooper Clubman 2009
56 TTU Dan Goodman Erie CO BMW M3 1999 BimmerHaus/SPC/Hoosier Tire/PPIR
57 TTB Del Armstrong Littleton CO Mazda Miata 2004
71 TTC Richard Vogl Castle Rock CO Ford Mustang Fox 1989 www.absicontrols.com
76 TTD David Dirks Loveland CO Porsche 944 1988 944 MotorWerks
86 TTC John Scheier Parker CO BMW M3 1998 www.vorshag.com - www.ast-usa.com
128 TTA Jerry Stoughton Albuquerque NM Panoz Gt-RA 1999
193 TTS Rick Snyder Broomfield CO Audi S4 2000 Avalon Motorsports\ AR Design\ Snymo.com
311 TTU Dick Radawicz Erie CO Porsche Carrera 4S 1996 RCR Business Consultants
411 TTA Jim McKendree Parker CO Mitsubishi Evolution 2006 DBA Brakes\ Agency Power\ JTM Equipment
420 TTR Robert Cowan Colorado Springs CO Factory Five Racing Roadster/Cobra 1965 Michele
609 TTE Zung Tran Erie CO BMW 330i 2004 Bionovo; Firefighter Combat Challenge
727 TTE Charles Taylor denver CO porsche 944 1985 www.ironhorseracing.com
944 TTC Weston Pawlowski Lafayette CO Nissan 350z Touring 2005 www.RaceRender.com
984 TTU Bill Cherf Centennial CO Chevrolet Camaro 2002 Foxbat Racing

06-28-2010, 08:51 PM
What TT class does a CMC car fall into? TTC?

Do I need any special license or can I just sign up?

07-14-2010, 12:20 PM

07-14-2010, 01:29 PM
What TT class does a CMC car fall into? TTC?

Do I need any special license or can I just sign up?

can't answer the tt class question for you (dick, whit?)

but, since you have a comp license you are allowed in tt

07-14-2010, 07:14 PM
Thanks! signed up for TTC.

07-14-2010, 08:19 PM
IN! Not sure if 944SPEC is TTD or TTE.

07-14-2010, 08:46 PM
I'm ceratin that CMC1 cars sign up for PTC at nationals, so that's what I'm basing off of.

07-15-2010, 10:02 AM
What TT class does a CMC car fall into? TTC?

There is no direct correlation between CMC and PT or TT classes.

You have to add up the points on the TT sheet. Depending on your CMC car, you could be in TTB, TTC, TTD or TTE.

07-15-2010, 10:40 AM
Go with TTB ;).

07-15-2010, 06:18 PM
I'll figure it out. I though that PT and TT classing is the same, only difference being PT is W2W racing, TT is not.

Maybe I'll yank my balast and add some HP. :)

07-15-2010, 07:23 PM
very interested in this event, just need to see if i'll be back from vacation in time.

07-16-2010, 08:12 PM
My CMC Mustang classes as TTD. Althoug I wasn't too clear on the tire thing. I run a 255 tire, can I run TTD? Or does my tire size automaticaly put me in TTC regardless of points.

07-17-2010, 08:00 AM
My CMC Mustang classes as TTD. Althoug I wasn't too clear on the tire thing. I run a 255 tire, can I run TTD? Or does my tire size automaticaly put me in TTC regardless of points.

TTD tire size is 245, so you would take 1 point for going +10mm to 255. that's all. if that bumps you to TTC because of adding up points, then TTC, if not you can stay TTD.

07-17-2010, 11:27 AM
OK, makes sense. A stock 89 5.0 Mustang is TTE. All my mods = 24pts, so that should put me TTD.

07-17-2010, 01:44 PM
You take the tire size points from your base class of TTE.

07-17-2010, 02:11 PM
I thought in an effort to make things simple NASA classed all of the spec classes over to PT/TT ... ? was cmc not included in that ?

07-18-2010, 11:55 AM
what does 944 spec transfer as?

I can probably make this event but still a little far out for me to commit 100%.

07-18-2010, 12:26 PM
what does 944 spec transfer as?

My understanding is a fully built to every rule 944-spec is PTD /TTD . since most of our cars are not built to every rule I claim TTE/PTE . At Nationals the "E" cars are always faster than 944-spec so we still are under built compared to the class.

07-18-2010, 01:36 PM

My CMC car was classed TTD.


07-19-2010, 04:57 PM
So what's the entry list looking like? How fast are we filling up?


07-20-2010, 09:37 AM
I'd say HPDE1/2 is about 66% full right now.

08-11-2010, 08:59 AM
wow, looks like a good turnout so far.

08-11-2010, 09:47 AM
I'd say we have 2 spots left in HPDE1.

08-11-2010, 02:01 PM
Great turn out! Have a good time guys, I'll be in San Diego that weekend.

08-11-2010, 04:22 PM
Looking forward to it! And glad the Subies are representing :D

08-11-2010, 05:36 PM
I see a break in the HPDE 1 group. I'm assuming this means it will be broken into 2 seperate run groups??

08-12-2010, 07:36 AM
I see a break in the HPDE 1 group. I'm assuming this means it will be broken into 2 seperate run groups??

Yes. That break may change, but I am trying to sort it by capabilities. I.E. Cars that are fast in a straight line, cars that are fast in corners.

08-12-2010, 12:45 PM
Wow, a new entry in TTS! Very exciting to have a GT3 out there!

08-12-2010, 05:17 PM
Can't wait!

08-14-2010, 10:58 PM
I get to go to Nebraska for a cousin's wedding...woohoo.

Have to wait til October in Pueblo!

I vote for a full 2 day weekend in August next year, in Colorado. I'll tell any other cousins too bad...

08-15-2010, 03:11 PM
I vote for a full 2 day weekend in August next year, in Colorado. I'll tell any other cousins too bad...
Agreed! More days at HPR next summer :)