View Full Version : Weather gotcha down, need track time ??

04-12-2007, 04:52 PM
There are a few track-time possibilities down here in New Mexico, if you just can't wait for our next NASA event. This weekend SWMS is running at Sandia details here
Bob Lee said he would wave their late registration fee for us since we got snowed out. I know the travel is even less attractive than going to La Junta, just throwing it out there.
Also, open track days will take place at Sandia on Sun 4/29, Sorren Lorree's Miata's, Legend's and open lapping cost $75.
Sun 5/13 is an open track day run by Wallace Bow, I don't know cost, but should be about the same.
I'll definitely make Soren's date, having done one before. Lots of fun.
ASR has an open track day on 4/21 also $75 for the day. info here http://www.arroyosecoraceway.com/
It's quite a trek down there even for me from Taos, but a fun course to toss the car around.
Just offering up some options to get some seat time, I know I'll go crazy without it !