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#67 944-spec for sale

yep I have a few other cars coming up and it's this ones turn to leave the nest and make room for the next 2 or 3 ...

Click the image to open in full size.

Engine: was 3/4 rebuilt start of last year it was on the dyno last month 135 hp and 135 Tq ( that was second highest 944 at dyno day and one of the highest (claimed) low compression engines Nation wide with tweeking (not recomended) it could go to the RMR limit of 140.

28mm rear bars / 400 # front coil overs , welt rear sway bar, 26.8 front, front Arms have the best bushings available,

new hawk blue pads and newish rotors ( one race on the current setup. new last year radiator, lexan W/S, no seats ( we can work it out if you really want one) , cookie cutter wheels 2012 tech sticker. Hanksville cage with awesome NASCAR style door bars. it still has full size battery and stock exhaust and needs 80ish pounds of ballast to make weight ( it's a light car)

Price is $6,300 if I do not sell it this week it will be available as a rent to own for HPR in May.

20+ 944-spec cars at HPR in MAY ! jump in the water is warm...

Chuck Taylor
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