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Blitzkrieg - GTS/SpecM3/BSR/SpecZ/ST/PTA-C The generally accepted definition of blitzkrieg operations include the use of maneuver rather than attrition to defeat an opponent. NASA's 13/13 race group.

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Old 03-08-2013, 09:44 AM   #1
NASA Member
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2004 BMW M3R
Location: Longmont, CO
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GTS - 2013 Season Warm-up

For those that browse the forum but aren't on my email list (if you want to be, please provide me your email address).


Hello GTS drivers & fans,

Another season of racing is just around the corner... or in recent news... the snowbank.
I wanted to follow on the heels of my last email with a couple reminders and some news.

First, in the news department I want to thank and welcome SCR Performance as a NASA RM GTS season series sponsor. SCR has provided racers and enthusiasts of the Colorado front range with automotive service and support since 2004. SCR has stepped forward to help RM GTS with an issue that became evident as GTS attendance has risen: impound efficiency for weighing cars for contingency eligibility. As such we have decided to create a RM GTS specific window-sticker that lists critical information needed at impound to verify a car's compliance. In addition they will provide a race summary each weekend during the NASA Saturday night dinner, where they will highlight some of the key battles and drivers to watch for, as some of you know, the best battles often don't take place at the front of the pack, and this is one great way to make sure those folks get notice their hard work deserves.

As part of this sponsorship SCR has provided the impound compliance sticker that i will distribute at the event (don't worry about having it on your car before first event, i'll have them at PPIR). Here is a picture of the new sticker (it will be placed on the driver's side just behind the front door opening):
Click the image to open in full size.

To answer a question i've already heard: This is not an optional sticker, so all RM GTS cars will be running this compliance sticker.
If you have any questions or know of any additional sponsorship interest please feel free to contact me directly, my phone number is in my signature.

Next the 2013 NASA RM Schedule is now posted and, I believe that as of this time, the Pueblo dates are confirmed and FAAST is managing the track for 2013 season. We are extremely lucky that the management issue got cleared up before the season started so that none of the clubs were adversely impacted... big thanks to Judy and FAAST.

That being said, our first event is at PPIR on April 6 & 7 - registration is open for this event. This event will be run clockwise (the RIPP configuration).
The second event will be held at PMP on May 4 & 5 - registration is not open yet for this event.

With the first event just four weeks away make sure you all have your cars tech-inspected in advance (list of RM NASA tech shops).

Which brings me to my reminders:

1) New Dyno Certification Forms
The forms used a regional events in past years have been somewhat inadequate in handling impound situations. So, to support that, the dyno cert from the 2012 National event has been introduced as the standard for all GTS cars. This includes sections for adjustable engine management to be declared and described as well as verifiable settings/measurements on power control units such as restrictor plates and boost controllers, just to name a few.
The new form can be found here:
If you have any questions on how to complete one, please contact me.
Please do not submit an old dyno cert sheet to me, I will reject that and you will run in GTSU until you can provide the updated/correct dyno certification sheets.
If you have a dyno sheet that is less than 12 months old you're not required to get a new one until 12 months passes from that date, however, if you have made any changes to the car then you will need to get back on the dyno and submit the new forms.

2) Common Class Identification
New this year, are mandatory class markings for all GTS cars. This will help easily determine which class a car is running in; while this may not be as big of an issue here locally, it is elsewhere and especially at a National event. Each of you will be required to purchase a set of decals from the chosen vendor, and place these on your car in the required location prior to the first regular season event.
Information on how decal sets can be ordered here:
Here is how/where you will need to place the new decals (more details in the GTS rules):
Click the image to open in full size.

SCR will attempt to have an extra set of class decals available at each event for purchase, but please do not depend on this as they may not have what you need.
These new class marking are a mandatory series rule and will be enforced appropriately so make every attempt to order and install prior to first event.

Also, if you plan on attending Nationals this year at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah, you will want to think about booking hotel rooms very soon. Plus there are several opportunities to run the Outer Loop configuration at MMP this year prior to Nationals; i believe there are a few GTS folks already planning on making the trip out in June (this thread is brewing the topic).

I look forward to being your regional series director again for 2013, so feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or if you just want to talk racing.

_ Garrett

Rocky Mountain GTS Director
M: 303-threetwoeight-7613

Helpful links
2013 GTS Rules:
2013 GTS Dyno Forms:
2013 NASA RM Schedule:
Garrett Walz
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Old 03-08-2013, 09:50 AM   #2
NASA Member
delirium45's Avatar
2004 BMW M3R
Location: Longmont, CO
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 773
Additional news since that email went out...

Denver local racer, Cody Overcash, has acquired premiere aero business, Brooks Motorsport. And they are offering discounts to NASA RM folks.

If you need a wing, never been a better time.

Click the image to open in full size.

Check out the brief and links that Dave posted earlier this week here:

Thanks Cody !
Garrett Walz
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Old 03-08-2013, 11:39 AM   #3
NASA Instructor
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2015 328i Wagon
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Thanks for all of the info Garrett, lots of good stuff there. I'm looking forward to doing a few GTS races mixed in with the enduros. Should be a fun year.

And, I took advantage of the Brooks Motorsports offer and placed my order on Wednesday!
Rick Snyder | Snyder Motorsports
944-Spec: #10-Miller | SpecZ #10-Burt & #141-Ross | GTS2: #20-Soulvie | TT?: #903-J.Snyder | GTS4: #63-R.Snyder

NASA Rules: NASA CCR | NASA Endurance Rules | GTS Rules
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