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Off Topic Topics not specific to one NASA subject, but need to be on the forum

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Old 04-07-2006, 08:17 AM   #1
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Good looking cars for pictures

Here is a copy of a post made by Norm who is one of the main photo guys for NASA Norcal.


A frequent customer question we get at Head-On Photos is "How can I make my car Ďpopí in your photos? Whatís the secret?"

We take thousands of photos each month, at all of the popular race tracks here on the west coast, so we are in the unique position to see what works and what doesn't. Making your car stand out isn't hard, especially if you follow these secrets.

1. CLEAN AND SHINY DOES THE TRICK: A car that has shiny paint and is freshly washed with neat, clean wheels is far and away the easiest way to improve your photos. A dirty car photographs very dull, with no Ďpopí at all. In your hurry to get to the track today, it may not have been high on your priorities, but take the time to clean up the car before you go out on track this morning. It will make the photos of you look so much better!

2. GOOD LOOKING NUMBERS: You've seen cars in the paddock at previous events with ripped and torn numbers. They donít look good, do they? The numbers are hard to see, but are still obvious enough to look bad in a photo. We suggest that you avoid numbers like 111 and 777. They are easy to make, but they don't look very good. Take your time and trim your numbers cleanly. If you have precut vinyl numbers, so much the better! Some race groups require numbers on your hood/bumpers so it's better to go ahead and put the numbers on rather than have an official come by later with very ugly shoe polish. Doing a professional looking job with your numbers can make even a beater look good!

3. NEATNESS COUNTS: Many organizations require you to tape your headlights, turn signals and markers. Donít just slap on a piece of tape and consider the job done. Take the time to neatly cover these items, trimming the edges with a knife or scissors. If you do a neat job here, as well as following the tips above, you will tell everyone that sees your photos that you are a pro.

This is your opportunity to take away a treasured memento from a unique experience. Following these tips will help you to have a first class photograph to show all your friend and family what a great time you had at the track.
Norm Cabana
Head-On Photos
Today's Photos...Today!
Right Here! Right NOW!!
Dave Balingit
Regional Director
dave @
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