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In order to hold a safe, successful event there are dozens of people who help make it happen by being NASA officials.

The benefits of being a NASA official can include free track time or $$$, complementary uniforms, lunches, dinners and even lodging at selected venues. Regardless of the position you choose we guarantee that you'll meet new friends who share your passion for auto racing.

If you like cars and speed or are looking for something to do that is exciting and fun NASA needs you. NASA will provide all of the training that you need!

Check out some of the positions below and then contact us to learn more about your dream job.

Available Positions

These positions require some training and have no age limit:

Grid Marshals: The Grid Marshals can make or break a schedule. The cars need to be able to get on and off the course in a safe and efficient manner. For each session, up to 50 cars will be looking to get on course, often times needing to be put in a specific order.

The Grid Marshal is responsible for traffic flow in the pit lane, setting up grid spaces, that cars are in the proper group, that drivers have the proper attire, and enforcing all pit lane rules.

Car enthusiasts love this job because they have direct contact with all the cars and drivers that go on course.

Timing & Scoring: T & S is important since racers depend on accurate and prompt results. NASA uses a computerized race scoring system which consists of a transmitter on each car that records each time the car passes the start/finish line. Cars and transponders must be input into a database and verified for accuracy prior to each event.

Even if computers aren't your thing, we also need "tapers" and spotters to keep things running smoothly.

These duties take place in comfort with a great view of the track.

Registration: Registration is usually open from 7 AM until 1 PM each day of the event. Every morning a hundred or more people will come to the track and be expecting the registration staff to get them registered and answer their questions quickly.

This crew manages HPDE and race group registrations, payments, waiver signatures, transponder rentals, and the sale of NASA related merchandise.

These positions require understanding of NASA operations since this is where everyone comes when they have a question.

Announcer: The Announcer is the voice of NASA. The announcer will notify drivers to report to grid and other make other general announcements. This keeps everyone informed and on time for their sessions and meetings.

General Help: We always need people who are willing to take on a variety odd jobs and responsibilities such as stocking coolers for course officials, running results, picking up lunch, setting up for the Saturday barbeque party, etc.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone who wants to learn about auto racing and be an important part of NASA.

These positions require specialized training:

Course Official: The twists, turns, and hills of a race track often leave spots were the driver cannot see over the rise or around the corner. You become their extra pair of eyes. As a Course Official you get the best seat in the house for a view of all the action. Course conditions are relayed to the drivers using colored flags and to Race Control via radio.

This position is on-track and vital to the safety of the drivers on track therefore a minimum age limit of 18 is required.

Tech Inspectors: Tech makes sure that cars and gear meet safety requirements before they are allowed on track. Tech inspectors must make sure that all HPDE students have a completed tech form showing that they and their car are ready to go on track. For race groups, tech inspectors must make sure that log books are complete and current, all required NASA stickers are present, driver safety gear meets requirements, and that drivers are adhering to the rules of their class. This is a great job for people who love cars and don't mind getting their hands dirty.

There is no age limit for this position.

These are specialty positions - interviews required:

These positions require significant training so we are looking for dedicated and reliable individuals. If you are passionate about auto racing and want to be an integral part of building NASA Rocky Mountain, we want to hear from you!!!

Race Control (Chief of Communication): This is the command center for all racetrack communications and this position is responsible for managing emergency calls, flags, on-course incidents, and maintaining the event schedule. This position requires attention to detail along the ability to multi-task and make critical decisions in a rapidly changing environment.

Competition Director: Responsible for overseeing all race group activities on and off track. The ability to process information, review protests/incidents, manage conflict, and make crucial decisions is required.

HPDE Chief Instructor: As the chief instructor for the HPDE program, you will be responsible for the quality administration of NASA's HPDE curriculum. You will be able to share your experience as a racer with people who are eager to learn and inspire them to improve their own skills behind the wheel. You will be influencing and molding the next generation of racers!

HPDE Group Leaders: Works with the Chief Instructor to oversee the HPDE groups 1-4 and coordinate students with instructors to assure a quality program. You will teach students the theory of high performance driving, conduct down-load sessions, and oversee all of the activities of the student groups.

General HPDE Instructors: As a licensed Instructor you will assist new students with learning the basics of high speed driving. This involves lots of track time, both riding with students in their cars, and demonstrating the fast and safe line with your car. This is an extremely rewarding position since many students go onto to race and is your chance to give back to a sport you love.

Safety Team Chief and Crew: If a car is damaged or people are injured, Safety is there. You will be the primary first response to any on-track incident. The Safety Team will assist the tow, ambulance and emergency personnel with control of the scene. Safety crew team members may participate in post-incident reviews to help determine cause, and prevent future occurrences.

Pace Car Driver: Lead the race field to the green flag and be part of the race control team! A competition license is required.

Lead Scrutineer: Coordinates and oversees tech inspectors. Must have an in-depth knowledge of safety CCRs, class rules, and race car preparation.

Chief of Timing & Scoring: The Chief of T&S is responsible for maintaining the region's transponder database, verifying race results, and supervising the T&S crew. This position requires proficiency with computers including familiarity with AMB timing systems and Excel.

Event Registrar: This position requires an in-depth knowledge of NASA policies and procedures as well as the functions of each NASA official. This position will be responsible for supervising the registration crew.

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