Competition racing

Wheel to wheel, bumper to bumper. If you're interested in racing, our competition program is for you!

Road racing

The NASA Rocky Mountain regional sprint race series is offered as a fun, friendly environment with emphasis on good sportsmanship and clean competitive racing.Racer recognition, photos, trophies/awards are part of the fun at the podium ceremony and track social on Saturday.  Year end awards/trophies are presented to qualified points champs in each NASA race series and class at the end of the race season. Qualified regional racers can shoot even higher in their goals by competing against the “Best of the Best” from all NASA Regions at the NASA Championships for outstanding contingency award programs & prizes. Get started now and have fun racing with NASA!

NASA licensing

Drivers must be a current member of NASA and hold a current NASA Competition License or NASA Provisional License to compete in race activities. NASA competition licenses are issued per race season and are valid from January through December regardless of the date of license purchase.  Allow ample license processing time. Licensing details must be completed before arriving at the event

Safety/Technical requirements

The minimum requirements for race car safety equipment and driver apparel are stated in the current NASA Club Codes and Regulations rule book. A NASA RACE CAR LOGBOOK is issued at the time of the race vehicle’s first NASA annual race car tech inspection at an approved NASA Rocky Mountain race tech inspection station. Annual race car tech inspections are due for renewal at the start of each calendar year and are documented in the NASA Race Car Logbook. An AMB transponder is required for timing & scoring purposes.

German Touring Series (GTS)

The NASA German Touring Series (GTS) is comprised of six classes of German cars organized strictly based on power- to-weight ratios. This simple formula provides broad flexibility in both vehicle choice and in the modifications allowed (which include just about anything). The result is a broad range of modifications and extraordinarily close racing.

Camaro Mustang Challenge

The Camaro Mustang Challenge (CMC) series features more “stock” builds with 1982-2002 F-body General Motors car (Camaro and Firebird) and Ford Mustangs from 1979-2010. CMC cars are tightly controlled as to allowed modifications which makes this a true “driver’s class” where skill behind the wheel is more important than skill in the workshop

Spec Miata

As its name shows, Spec Miata is a “specified” class. This means that the rules for allowable modifications to the car are very strict. The class intends to put drivers on a very even footing by making their cars as identical as possible.

Spec Z

NASA Spec Z (SZ) features the popular Nissan 350Z in a tightly controlled spec racing series. 350Z’s from 2003-2008 are allowed and a complete parts package is available from Nissan’s competition parts program alongside a generous contingency package.

Super Touring (ST)

Super Touring is NASA’s premiere open marque racing series and an extension of the Performance Touring series, catering to more powerful and exotic cars. ST uses an Adjusted Weight to Power Ratio that starts with the vehicle competition weight and the chassis dynamometer horsepower numbers, and is modified and adjusted using ST Modification Factors. There are currently five ST classes, ST1, ST2, ST3, ST4, and ST5, with ST6 planned for 2019. ST encourages a wide range of builds and modifications within the power-to-weight confines to provide builders, tuners, and racers a showcase for their talent and imagination.

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